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Our AngelsfeetProject Book C-lab is a brand new project launching soon!

If you’re visiting this page, the chances are you already know that nothing is as valuable and rewarding an experience like reading a great book! And you probably suspect what genres we are going to explore. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m reading a fascinating story, I spend every waking moment wanting to talk about it. So, I need people around me who share the same interests and passion. That’s where a book club comes in!

Why on-line?

No longer do you need to leave your house or schedule a specific meeting time in your busy schedule. We are creating an online community changing the book club paradigm! At any time you want, you can instantly connect with other like-minded people in the world (there is always somebody awake out there on the other side of the globe!) and get together with your fellow readers. This is a supportive, inspirational, social group of people interested in the same subject.

What are we going to read?

Our purpose is not only leisure but self-development and consciousness raising. The books we are set to read are adventure, fiction and non-fiction, based on serious background research, all meant to explore the subject of Earth energies, Places of power and transformational nature of Pilgrimage.

These books are way more than simple entertainment. They will allow you to explore unknown territories, even if it is just from the comforts your home, reminding you that there is a whole hidden world outside your immediate purview. They will lift you up and inspire to transform yourself into real-life adventurer, every page expanding your sense of how incredible Gaia really is. You will uncover, layer by layer, a face of reality that you never imagined (or always hoped) existed. You will feel like Alice following the white rabbit down the tunnel… deep into the body of the Earth…

So, let yourself be inspired! Sign up and get to reading!

Why read together?

 Because it is the perfect way to:

  • Keep you reading and talking about what you are reading
  • Make friends with other open-minded people around the world and even host occasional live book club meet ups if you wish
  • Learn different perspectives and points of view at international book discussions
  • Find new reading inspiration and the real gems out of the hundreds of books published in the field
  • Get an easier view over wide terrains of research, ideas, experiences and the fruits of many inquiries.

Have time to only read half of the book? – Our Explorer’s guide to hidden treasures will provide you with the summary of the most significant chapters and the essential information contained in each book, so you don’t have to read it all to benefit from the knowledge it contains!

Reading a book as a member of our book C-lab you will simply get much more than if you read the same book alone!

How it works?

Our Book C-lab reads a favourite book every month. The group members vote on the books they want to read, and then discuss each month’s pick together. On this page, we will inform you of the book that we are currently reading. You can click through to the book club discussion page where you will find our book reviews and questions. You are invited to join the discussion and let others know your thoughts by posting comments on the book discussion page.

For each book, we will post an Explorer’s guide to hidden treasures – a chapter by chapter synopsis! So, you don’t have to read the whole book if you don’t have time but still want to learn! Our book synopsis posts will be made in real time as we read along, so you can join in any time or go back and start from the beginning whenever you wish.

Become one of our reviewers and get free books! If you read fast and commit to writing an honest review of one of our books each month, you will have these books sent from us for free!

We really welcome your suggestions for a future book that the AngelsfeetProject Book C-lab can read together! Please let us know your pick in the comments section when you register or send us an e-mail!

We are not a book store. We are a free online community for readers. You will learn more about where to buy each book when you join us or you can order it from Amazon if you wish.

Sign up easily and completely free now!

What to expect when you sign up?

An invitation to join our private online Angelsfeetproject community for deep learning, growth and sharing

A free short guidebook – introduction to Earth energies and power sites

Access to online discussion on our forum from your phone, tablet, or computer anywhere in the world.

Access to book chapter summaries so you don’t have to read the entire book if you don’t have time but still want to learn!

Access to our original book reviews and information where to buy them

Inspirations and recommendations for further reading and deeper research

Opportunity to meet like minded people interested in New Earth spiritual travelling!

Free Books for reviews or as rewards in our members reading quests!

Get your copy!

Get your copy!


In search of her spiritual identity, Ines returns to a southern Italian coastal town, near the cave of the Archangel Michael, surrounded by a cult. Amidst the inheritance from her aunt, a mysterious illness among the local women, an intriguing sculptor, and a well in an old villa Ines falls into a spiral of events leading her further down a path of self-discovery. Is there a connection between the ancient well, the dancing disease associated with spider bites, the legendary grotto, and the lineage of the women in her family? Discover for yourself…

Get your copy!

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