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Writing this book was by far the most fascinating adventure of my life to date. The moment I stood for the first time at the top of Monte Sant’Angelo in Southern Italy right next to Archangel Michael’s grotto I knew I had to write this novel...
SoulBody journeys

SoulBody journeys

Take a trip down to healing Earth energies and ancient legacy, follow the footprints of the angels on Italian soil! Discover the mysteries of Europe’s oldest Archangel Michael sanctuary on the medieval pilgrimage route called Via Francigena. Tune in and experience the illuminating influence of a spiritual Power Site where two of the strongest earth currents cross.
SoulBody journeys


Contact your intuition, trust your own wisdom and your inner guides with the transformative method of SoulCollage®! YOU are the source of every answer you have ever sought. Right in this moment you can begin a healing journey towards the arms of your own Soul. And can you believe that everything you need are some images from the magazines, a pair of scissors and a glue stick?
Upcoming events

Upcoming events

SoulBody Retreat - Gargano, Italy, 1.06.2024 - 9.06.2024

“One day a Sun God took the fire from the Sun where he dwelled and, on the fiery ship, came to Earth. When he landed on the sea his ship turned into the rocky island. A part of that island is said to have fallen into the sea taking along forever the divine knowledge. The other part got attached to the land and was dedicated to the gods so that they could teach Humans the divine wisdom.”

LET THE RAW MAGIC of GARGANO, the limestone 'spur' on the Italian 'boot', home to primal, healing Earth energies, ancient wisdom and many angelic apparitions, TOUCH your BODY, MIND and SOUL ...

AngelsFeet Project for Women
Re-Awaken your feminine power!

Book excerpt

Gargano, June 1268

Gargano, June 1268

She felt a grasp of a strong hand on her wrist. So strong that the blood almost drained from the tips of her fingers.
– It’s dangerous. Someone could recognize you – he said.
At the market in Manfredonia, as in a kaleidoscope, winded forward native people, horses, carts and boats of the merchants, local and out-of-town, it smelled of fruit, shellfish, ginger, cardamom and cassia, imported from far way. She remembered like not so long ago, thanks to her strong will and stubbornness, they met here, in this place. “I am Torismondo. And you? Please, reveal your name to me.” „ I am the one who commands the streams and reflects the light of the moon”, resonated back in her memory.
– We need to go.
– One moment more – asked Giuturna fascinated by circus-like mixture of sounds, shapes and colours. Even more than the colourful fabrics what tempted her were the stands full of patterned cowries, from almost white and slightly dotted, to those resembling the fur of wild cats and the eyes on the butterfly wings. The bottom side of these tiny shells gave indistinguishable illusion of the female door to paradise, giving pleasure and life. Women milled around picking through them completely leaving their senses. Not so long ago they sacrificed them to the Goddess of Love. Nowadays were still buying them for the charms protecting from infertility and helping maintain pregnancy.

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July 29, 2019


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May 9, 2019


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April 21, 2019