Destination Earth.

Welcome. I wholeheartedly greet you in this space. The world is changing. You know that. It’s time. In fact, it’s we’re either on-board or we’ll be left behind. Many believe that human evolution is now at a crossroads: we either develop our consciousness transcending the confines that have for millennia held us back, or collapse. But is there anything an individual can really do? Well, yes, there is. We all have the potential to change the world. It’s about making this deeply personal.

The purpose of this project is to support the paving of a new path. It’s high time to rise above politics and religions to become part of a global community of conscious beings committed to restoring our human spiritual and environmental heritage. Thanks to the recent global rediscovery of subtle energies, Earth’s energy grid and Power Sites, growing number of mind opening Books, Films and Music, education about the importance of pure food and water, the eco-spiritual consciousness of interconnectedness of all living things is finally emerging and we have been, for at least 50 years already, beating a new path for all of us.

This path however, is not entirely a new path, but rather a very ancient path, that we have abandoned long time ago in the dust and greed of history, which is now waking up from a sleep like a beautiful dragon on the bottom of the cave beneath high mountains.



“A very powerful site, on an important, if not fundamental, energy axis of Europe has been maintained in balance through centuries by spirituality called Michael, keeping the dragon energies harnessed and controlled deep under the ground, in expectancy for the arrival of the generation of the awakened ones.”

It all started like it always does: by ‘’coincidence’’ I prefer to call synchronicity.  It was a hot September in Naples, Italy, and my best friend Franco and I were headed to Taranto in Puglia to spend two weeks by the Ionian Sea in his uncle’s beach house. We were all packed and ready to go, when Franco received a call from his uncle informing him that they decided to rent this house to somebody else and we urgently needed to change our plans. I felt devastated as I already arranged the coming two weeks around that trip. We needed to think fast. Actually, Franco did, while I was crying. Next morning, he just ordered me to jump in the car as he’d booked somewhere else. Little did I know it was not in the Taranto area anymore, but on the other side of Puglia, by the Adriatic, at the spur of the Italian boot called Gargano.

I had no idea where he was taking me and had no time to do any research. The moment we passed the gate of a modern Bed and Breakfast near Vieste, immersed in the olive groves descending down the hills to the sea, I noticed a small chapel in the garden dedicated to Archangel Michael.  – “This is Archangel Michael’s land” – answered the owner of the B&B when I questioned him – “It’s sacred to him. He chose it himself” – he added. Then he led us to the reception with a huge poster on the wall representing something that looked like a natural underground grotto adapted as a Christian church.  – “You must go there, instead of the beach” – he ordered – “Tomorrow’s forecast shows some rain”.

And there we were, twelve hours later, climbing the narrow spaghetti roads up the mountain of Monte Sant’Angelo. The second my feet touched the rocks at the car parking right next to the XIII century sanctuary named Celestial Basilica built on top of the grotto where Archangel Michael was said to appear, I knew that it was HERE. My heart, my soul, my work and my book. All was here. And it got only clearer and clearer with every step down into the open rocks.

In the months that followed, I learned through my research that Gargano, with its Europe’s oldest Archangel Michael sanctuary, lies on the famous medieval pilgrimage route called Via Francigena. For one thousand years it was an obligatory stop for the knights and kings on their way to Jerusalem and its port town Siponto, being for the Christian religion, until the 13th century, spiritually more important than Rome. I also learned that via francigena is known as a part of the line, so called Michael line, connecting the most important temples dedicated to Michael across Europe.

This alignment is said to extend, on a Mercator projection map, from Mont Carmel in Israel through Delos (dedicated to Apollo), Delphi, Corfu (Island of Artemis), Monte Gargano in Italy (known as the place of several apparitions), La Sacra di San Michele in Piedmont (Benedictine monastery at 1000m), Le Mont St. Michel of Normandie, Saint Mikael’s mount (a peaked island off the coast of Cornwall) and Skellig Michael, an island to the south-east of Ireland. The angle of axis is orientated SE-NW corresponding to the zodiacal axis of virgo-pisces. The ‘path’ in reality is not really a straight path, as there are no straight lines in Nature. Instead it is made of the movement of two ley lines – ‘rivers of energy’ – dragons or snakes, male and female, in the body of the Earth. These are two separate currents, but we can see how they dance together, entwined like lovers, all the way. The ‘points’ through which the straight line on the Mercator map can be drawn and at the same time the very sacred spiritual sites are situated where these two currents cross!

Few years later, in May, when my book was almost finished (Books) and I was looking for the right accommodation to organise the first spiritual retreat (SoulBody journeys), my partner and I went to check an early XIX century villa I’d found at the foot of Monte Saint’Angelo and which looked like the perfect location in every way. We left our bags and drove twenty minutes up the winding roads to pray for guidance at the ley lines intersection at the centre of the grotto chapel. We sat there for almost half an hour, absorbing energy of male and female currents, which wind like snakes across Europe, Michael and Mary melting together as one in that powerful spot. It felt like the waters of an ancient stream that used to rush through that grotto in the past, were washing our feet. Even though refreshed and nourished we drove right back to the empty villa with vivid questions still in our heads. Was it real or we were only dreaming? Was this truly a place of spiritual power or that we only wanted to see it as such?

With those thoughts in mind we approached the gate. The moment my partner opened the gates with the remote I saw something moving dynamically, almost like a wave or a river on the white stone path leading to the house. – Snake! – I exclaimed – There is a snake across the path! – He looked at me with incredulity but given I’d refused to get out of the car and demanded that he take me all the way to the entrance, he agreed. When we drove closer, our eyes witnessed an extraordinary sight. It was not a single snake, but two black snakes, male and female, mating right across the path leading to the villa. They did not stop or run away in spite of the approaching vehicle. There was no way we could have missed them. Of all the gardens of the property, olive and orange groves, they chose that narrow white path so that we could see them and needed to slow down in order not to hurt them. It became obvious. The sign was clear as daylight, and that night stayed impressed in front of my eyes. My mind struggled between my fear and absolute awe until the first light of the dawn.

Today I know beyond all doubt that an important part of my purpose is to sensitize people to sacred sites. That is why I feel strongly guided to take spiritual groups to this magical place of power in Gargano to help re-awaken its full potential at this point in time. At least this is my current understanding, but the true purpose keeps unveiling itself…

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In search of her spiritual identity, Ines returns to a southern Italian coastal town, near the cave of the Archangel Michael, surrounded by a cult. Amidst the inheritance from her aunt, a mysterious illness among the local women, an intriguing sculptor, and a well in an old villa Ines falls into a spiral of events leading her further down a path of self-discovery. Is there a connection between the ancient well, the dancing disease associated with spider bites, the legendary grotto, and the lineage of the women in her family? Discover for yourself…

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