Mighty is this place; this is the house of God and the Gate of Heaven” wrote the Templars in every holy site, indicating that beyond the entrance lies a place that preserves some profound mystery.

Since ancient times, sacred sites have had a mysterious allure. Myths and legends tell us of certain sites that have the miraculous ability to heal the body, enlighten the mind, increase creativity, develop psychic abilities and awaken the soul to a knowing of its true purpose in life. What is the key to their secret?

‘Similar to the power of a magnet, the power of a sacred site is an invisible field of energy permeating the area. I believe that the energy fields of the sacred sites are responsible for these extraordinary phenomena’- writes Maritn Gray, National Geographic photographer and anthropologist – ‘Simply by walking into the immediate area of a sacred site a pilgrim enters into the energy field of the place whether they know of the presence of energy fields or is unaware of them. Our experience of the energy fields, however, may be amplified by consciously connecting with them through knowledge, intention and meditation. By knowing of the existence of the fields, by mentally intending to connect with them and by practicing meditation when we are at the sacred sites, we can actually establish a psychic linkup with the power of place. Such a linkup with the fields will assist us in more fully benefiting from the power of the sacred sites.’

[Martin has spent thirty-five years studying and photographing hundreds of sacred sites in more than one hundred and fifty countries. I wholeheartedly invite you to his web site where he discusses the mythology, archaeology and history of sacred sites all over the world, and presents a valid explanation of the phenomena that occur at them.  https://sacredsites.com/sacred_places/sacred_and_magical_places.html]

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In search of her spiritual identity, Ines returns to a southern Italian coastal town, near the cave of the Archangel Michael, surrounded by a cult. Amidst the inheritance from her aunt, a mysterious illness among the local women, an intriguing sculptor, and a well in an old villa Ines falls into a spiral of events leading her further down a path of self-discovery. Is there a connection between the ancient well, the dancing disease associated with spider bites, the legendary grotto, and the lineage of the women in her family? Discover for yourself…

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