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Close your eyes. Remember the world where society worshiped the Goddess as the Supreme Creatrix of all life and as the Mother, not only of humanity, but also plants and animals, women were venerated and respected, symbols such as the tree and the serpent that sheds its skin in periodic renewal were seen as manifestations … Continue reading POSITIVE MYTH

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In search of her spiritual identity, Ines returns to a southern Italian coastal town, near the cave of the Archangel Michael, surrounded by a cult. Amidst the inheritance from her aunt, a mysterious illness among the local women, an intriguing sculptor, and a well in an old villa Ines falls into a spiral of events leading her further down a path of self-discovery. Is there a connection between the ancient well, the dancing disease associated with spider bites, the legendary grotto, and the lineage of the women in her family? Discover for yourself…

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