Intuitive self-development card reading. Tapping into you own Higher-Self guidance. This is not an oracle or divination session. It is a conversation with your own knowing Self that I help to facilitate. YOU are the source of all answers.

“My session with Karolina was very deep and lemurian and organic in its flow. I feel she holds an amazing space and through that we entered deeply in what needed to be explored. I brought forward the selling of my home in Palm Beach Australia and a relocation back to Europe after 40 years or so of being in Australia. Karolina was at all times deeply respectful of my process and gave me ample time and energy to explore my inner feelings and guidance. Now being 2 months later almost, I can wholeheartedly confirm that the results have been very beneficial. I was able to move into the flow of my own being to create the new life I want. The house now feels clear and ready for the new owners.
I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone prepared to do deep work. Her cards are amazing and have a strength and vulnerability to them that aids the whole process. Karolina knows what and what not to say, only goodness is brought through in the session.
With much Grace, Love and Gratitude”

Corrie Sullivan (healer)

“I have never experienced a reading in this type of format. The cards Karolina used have a unique frequency to them, but most importantly when doing her reading, she was able to identify – all the moving pieces within an unseen puzzle and organize them in a way that made sense to me; my energy signature is very complex and challenging to read, but Karolina’s intent and use of the cards was so clear & precise that I was able to identify the answer to an inner question I was struggling with……Thank you for your support & clear intent.”

Rafy Rosa 4.22.8 (spiritual musician)


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